Why Volunteer with Junior Achievement San Diego

Why Volunteer with JA?

Benefits of Volunteering

Becoming a volunteer with Junior Achievement can be a very fulfilling experience. Not only are you helping in the goal of bringing financial literacy to the youth of San Diego, you may directly benefit from this experience by building new relationships, possible job advancement, field experience as well as an overall sense of purpose in helping others. To be a Junior Achievement volunteer means to have a hands-on effect on your future local and global economy; as our students will be better equipped for the financial climate ahead.

How to Market Your Volunteer Experience

When marketing your volunteer experience to a potential employer or for other opportunities, it is important to discuss the dedication shown to the project as well as the skills that you acquired during your volunteer experience. It is important to also showcase the skills that you demonstrated in your position, how frequently you were able to volunteer (hours per week), the overall duration of your volunteer position, the overall effect on your community, as well as your leadership during your experience. Junior Achievement offers our volunteers an opportunity to excel in all of these areas, so that your volunteer experience counts!