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Goodbye, Scantron! Hello, Knowledge Application!

Here's a scoop on the new Common Core State Standards. Learn what they mean, and how JA is associated with them. Read More

JULY 11, 2013

Your Budget-Friendly Fourth of July

Do you plan to host a party this Fourth of July? It doesn't have to break your bank. Read More

JUNE 27, 2013

Thank You, Bowl-A-Thon Superheroes!

We want to extend the biggest thanks to our wonderful Play 4 JA participants! Read More

JUNE 21, 2013

Who is your Simon Cowell?

Before you pass judgment on Simon Cowell's unbridled feedback and sarcastic quips, ask yourself something – is there someone in your “inner circle” you can rely on to provide uncensored, honest and constructive feedback? Read More

JUNE 19, 2013

Thanks to JA BizTown, My Daughter Wants to be a Doctor

Ashlyn's excitement was building more and more each day as the field trip came closer and closer to the JA BizTown visit--she was thrilled that she would be "Doctor No.1 at Kaiser." Read More

JUNE 12, 2013