A Look Back: JA Company Re-Boxed

Imagine if you could develop an idea and start your own business at 16 years old. Well, for JA Company Program students, it is not a dream, it's an actual reality. 

Meet our 2013 JA Company Program participants Re-Boxed--a student company that created eco-friendly, completely personalized photo frames.

Let Re-Boxed President Jordan Mafi introduce you to their product and tell you what they learned. 

Re-Boxed won first place at our local competition last May and went on to the nationals in Washington, D.C. in June 2013. 

Photo: Re-Boxed and U.S. Senator Scott Peters at the national JA Company Program competition.

Started in 1919, JA Company Program allows high school students to create a fully functional company from the ground up. Learn more about this exciting program here

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