HP Opens Its Doors to Clairemont High School Students

On morning of August 7, Hewlett-Packard's San Diego division opened its doors to teenagers from Clairemont High School. These lucky students were members of the HP Social Innovation Relay's US national competition mentored by Robert Seay of HP.

GSB Packaging Business Development Director Robert Seay and Silke Courtenay, research & development manager, graciously offered to escort these bright young leaders on a tour around HP's incredible (and vast) facility.

The students were able to step into climate-controlled rooms to see how HP tested the quality of various paper mediums. They also learned about ink chemistry and saw the world's best and largest printer! The teenagers explored many of the scientific issues regarding the creation and production of inks, papers and printers.

After the two-hour tour, the students enjoyed pastries while Robert discussed the different careers available at HP and the education pathways needed. Did you know that they have paper scientists? It was quite the eye-opener to hear how much research goes into the products created. There is the array of science and engineering fields that can lead you to a career with HP.

The students left the facility excited about ink (what?!) and much more knowledgeable about career and education paths. Regardless of the career they will choose, they have a stronger understanding of the importance of graduating from college and picking the right career path. And that's what JA is all about!

We can't wait to see where these talented JA alumni end up!

For more information on our collaboration with HP for the Social Innovation Relay, visit here

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