Is the American Dream Fading?

When we think about our children and grandchildren there is an expectation of the “American Dream.”  The idea that this generation of young adults will have a higher standard of living than their parents.   This is not the case according to a joint study published by Stanford University, Harvard University and University of California- Berkeley.   

The study finds millennials in our community cannot afford to purchase a home and are struggling to make a decent wage in today’s competitive economy.    

The JA team and I believe our young adults should have the skills they need to succeed beyond the classroom. For this reason, we are launching a “1 Millionth Student Campaign” next month with the goal of raising $5million dollars to fund, sustain and grow our student programs. 

If you believe in our young adults and want to make sure they are better prepared to earn their future successes, then we invite you to support this campaign by emailing me at or calling our office at (619) 682-5155.    

Together, we can ensure San Diego’s next generation of leaders are prepared for their future.  

Marla Black

President & CEO

Junior Achievement of San Diego County, Inc.


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