JA Alum Remembers His Experience 40 Years Later

In 1970, Clint Bruce was a teenager in Tulsa, Okla., when he decided to check out the JA Company Program.

He was interested in learning about entrepreneurship and also thought that he might find a girlfriend amidst the sea of eligible young ladies in the program. His company made a “bulletin board notepad,” which was a fad at the time.

What Clint remembers most vividly is that participating in the JA Company Program allowed him to go on his first flight. He flew to Dallas, Texas, for the National JA Company Program convention. There, he earned the top salesman award for his company.

Did Clint go on to pursue a career in sales?
The answer is no. Although Clint proved he had the skill, one of his takeaways was that sales is not for him. He went on to start his own real estate appraisal company. Clint said that his JA Company Program experience taught him the benefits of working in a small company. 

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