JA Alum Shares His Story

Allen Ostrofe was a freshman at Serra High School in San Mateo, Calif., in 1962, when he began his experience with the JA Company Program. He and his classmates decided to make clock radios.

This was not an easy task at the time. It involved soldering resistors and transistors and quite a bit of technical savvy. Books were kept on the cost of all the parts and labor needed to produce these devices.

Once the product was ready, the five members of his company set up a sales strategy. They divided and conquered and went door-to-door selling the product. They made their own advertising flyers and had weekly meetings to discuss their sales results.

Although his team had an interest in all things technical, the area of sales was a new territory for them. He still remembers his advisor being heavily involved in teaching them the art of sales.

Allen’s experience with JA Company Program taught him a lot more than how to produce and sell clock radios though.

Being a part of the business showed him that there is a difference between showing up and showing up to work. He was taught accountability, how to set goals, and how to work as a team. It was a course in business 101 for him, and since that time he's applied these same principles to start his own business.

After earning both a bachelor's and master’s degrees, he worked for a large company, but has since moved to Grass Valley. There, he started his own financial planning company. Now Allen manages $180 million dollars of clients' money in numerous states.

The seed was planted for Allen back in 1962. Today, he can proudly say that he's living the life of a successful entrepreneur. 

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