JA Company Program 2013: Potsibilities

What's POTSIBILITIES? It's one of the companies which is a part of our flagship program--JA Company Program. Students at Barrio Logan College Institute started POTSIBILITIES as a nonprofit that sells ceramic pots and sends the profits to the homeless shelter--Saint Vincent de Paul. 

Mission Statement: Enhancing the lives of others through cultural beautification.

Vision Statement: Providing possibilities to our community. POTSIBILITIES sells pots and uses profits to enhance the lives of others.

Values: Teamwork, education, dignity, empathy, community outreach.

Company Overview

Who are we, and what do we do?

We are the sophomore class at Barrio Logan College Institute. Over the past few weeks we have been working with Jewish Family Service of San Diego as well as Junior Achievement in a program called "Making Money, Making Change."

This nine-week program has taught us many business skills (how to sell stock, corporate culture, business ethics and diversity and more) as well as why it is important to give back to the community.

After learning about what a business needs in order to be successful, we put what we learned to use and created POTSIBILITIES. The idea of POTSIBILITIES arose when we decided that we wanted to sell decorative ceramic planting pots in order to raise money for Saint Vincent De Paul, a local homeless shelter in downtown San Diego that helps the needy find jobs and receive shelter. We chose Saint Vincent De Paul because not only is it a local organization, but because most of the sophomore class has volunteered there, so we were compelled to give a little more than our time.


In order to accomplish our mission of enhancing the lives of others through cultural beautification, we need your support.

A way that you can help is through purchasing our lovely pots. With every pot that you purchase, you help people that are staying at St. Vincent de Paul and earn a fantastic looking pot that will beautify the community.

Ceramic pots painted and decorated by the one and only Class of 2015 at Barrio Logan College Institute. 

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