JA Volunteer Dave--Planting Seeds of Success

Volunteer Dave Kershberg with West Hills High School teacher Thomas Vanderhyde People all have varying memories of high school… some wonderful, others maybe a little more complicated. But no matter how much time has passed since they have walked those halls, every person can name one adult who made a profound impact in their life. Some of those life-changers are our very own Junior Achievement volunteers, who are busy planting the seeds of success in the minds of 50,000 local students this year.

One such volunteer is David Kershberg. In his professional life, he is a manager at Preferred Employers Insurance Company. But to 180 El Cajon high school seniors attending West Hills High School this semester, he is their fun classroom visitor who plays money-themed songs in class and gets them involved in thinking about their financial futures. Dave volunteers in eight high school classes every school year--by this May he will have provided JA Personal Finance to nearly 1,000 students since starting as a volunteer in 2009!

Dave says enjoys giving back to the San Diego community, which has been his home for the past 25 years. To him, the best part of volunteering is "observing the growth of the students' financial knowledge from week to week, especially since they are so close to using these skills in adulthood."

"Junior Achievement was the first organization that I volunteered with, and my experience has opened doors to the inner fulfillment I sought," said Dave.

"I've come to realize that someone doesn't need to have fine-tuned or even specialized skills to make a difference," Dave added. "On the contrary, simply having the desire to make a difference can translate to fantastic benefits to the community, especially since Junior Achievement provides all of the necessary materials."

If you are interested in making a difference and helping mold our future community leaders, contact Kristin Stephens at or 619-906-4917 to find out more about volunteering in East County. 

PhotoWest Hills High School teacher Thomas Vanderhyde (left) with volunteer Dave Kershberg. 

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