JA Volunteer Goes Above and Beyond for Her Community

Carmen Richardson is charismatic yet very humble. She has an amazing attitude towards students, teachers, the navigation of a nonprofit and the ability to make those around her feel influenced and at ease.

Carmen is one of the most valuable volunteers for Junior Achievement and an asset to South County of San Diego and beyond. Her commitment to the advancement of her community is unsurpassed. In the past 2 years that Carmen has been a Junior Achievement volunteer, she has volunteered in 13 classrooms!

Carmen has taken on elementary school students, teaching them about their place in a global marketplace. She has inspired high school students, teaching them how to prepare for the real world of work.

Her enthusiasm and ability to command a classroom is among the best. She makes learning about topics that seem un-relatable to youth relevant and tangible.

Carmen is so in love with Junior Achievement curriculum that she has taken on “marathon” style JA teaching by teaching several high school classes back-to-back!

As a former financial professional, an advocate for nonprofits and education, and a teaching enthusiast, Carmen is a perfect fit for Junior Achievement. Every class Carmen commands is engaged and her students find a real-world meaning in what she teaches.

In addition to her financial background, Carmen is also a world traveler due to her husband’s military ties. That allows her a world of experience to pull from during her teaching.

Because Carmen is involved with many nonprofits, she is organized with her time, her talent and her ability to reach as many people as possible. 

Carmen’s inspirational reach does not end with the JA classroom. She is also an advocate for education and community service in Chula Vista as a founding member of the Chula Vista Charitable Foundation and a volunteer in many schools via the Chula Vista Elementary School District.  

We thank Carmen for her relentless support!

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Valerie Hash

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