JA Volunteer Story: Lenka Holman


It's Volunteer Appreciation Week! We want to recognize our volunteers who donate their precious time to help us teach the kids how to get a job, start a business and how money works.

Meet one of thousands of JA volunteers that make our programs a reality--Lenka Holman!

JA: When did you volunteer?
I volunteered several times over the last 2 years.

JA: What program(s) did you volunteer for?
JA Global Marketplace and JA Personal Finance.

JA: Why did you decide to volunteer with Junior Achievement? 
Lenka: Love the content!

JAWhat is your teaching style?
Lenka: Story-telling and interactive exercises. 

JAWhat did you like most about your volunteer experience?
Lenka: The kids enjoy the content and learn something that is relevant to the real world. 

JAAny memorable quotes from the kids? 
Lenka: It is less about what they say, and more about the look of excitement and discovery on their faces. 

JA: Anything else you would like to share about your experience?
Lenka: I love the Junior Achievement curriculum because the kids connect the world issues and current affairs to how they affect their lives and those around them. 

“Lenka is by far one of my favorite volunteers. When she says she is 'all in,' she means it. As an expert in personal finance and a charismatic presenter, Lenka is a perfect fit for JA and what we bring to students. She is always willing to teach a class and had made the curriculum her own with additional videos and presentations. She interjects her professional expertise in a way that is relevant to students. I am very grateful for a volunteer like Lenka. She brings so much to Junior Achievement and is a cheerleader for our organization, what we do, and the empowerment of young people in financial literacy.”
 -- Valerie Hash, Junior Achievement education manager in South County. 


Inspired to volunteer with Junior Achievement? We'd love for you to join us! Check out all volunteer opportunities in San Diego here.

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