JA Volunteer Story: Meet Allison Chalmers

It's Volunteer Appreciation Week! We want to recognize our awesome volunteers who donate their precious time to help us teach the kids how to get a job, start a business and how money works. 

Meet one of thousands of JA volunteers that make our programs a reality--Allison Chalmers!

JA: Why did you decide to volunteer with Junior Achievement? 
Allison: My co-worker is in charge of coordinating Junior Achievement at work, and I wanted to support her.

JAWhat is your teaching style?
Allison: I like to stay open and engaging with the students. 

JAWhat did you like most about your volunteer experience?
Allison: The kids were amazing. They were intelligent and tech savvy. It's impressive to know that they grasp concepts quickly.

JAWhat challenges did you face when volunteering? How did you overcome them? 
Allison: I was nervous about teaching the material. I learned many of the topics in college and was apprehensive about conveying the concepts to a 5th grade class. I found it challenging to find relatable examples as the things I liked in 5th grade are completely different than what a 5th grade likes now. In the end, I thought of some kids I know and asked them what were some of the "in" things and gaming systems seemed to be the trick! 

JAAnything else you would like to share about your experience?
Allison: I truly enjoyed myself! I am grateful to all of my old teachers, professors... and all teachers in the world! I have a new and profound respect for teachers and am in awe of all they do for students. It was a privilege and I am lucky to have volunteered. I was very impressed with how smart these young students were and would be happy to volunteer again. 

"Allison was an amazing 'newbie' volunteer. She was well prepared and took the JA lessons seriously. She handled her large class of 5th graders amazingly well, with the savvy of a trained teacher. The students loved her!" - Jessica Saddler, Junior Achievement education manager in North County--Inland. 



Inspired to volunteer with Junior Achievement? We'd love for you to join us! Check out all volunteer opportunities in San Diego here.

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