JA Volunteer Story: Meet Jonathan Cox

It's Volunteer Appreciation Week! We want to recognize our volunteers who donate their precious time to help us teach the kids how to get a job, start a business and how money works.

Meet one of thousands of JA volunteers that make our programs a reality--Jonathan Cox!

JA: Why did you decide to volunteer with Junior Achievement? 
Jon: Because financial literacy and work readiness is not something that is emphasized in most schools' curriculum.

JAWhat is your teaching style?
Jon: I ask the kids a lot of questions to help them think critically about the subject matter. 

JAWhat did you like most about your volunteer experience?
Jon: How excited the kids get about seemingly minuscule stuff. 

JAWhat challenges did you face when volunteering? How did you overcome them? 
Jon: Classroom management is something that was initially a challenge just because the kids are so excited to have an outsider involved. I overcame that with more coordination between me and the teachers I work with before and during our sessions.

JAAny memorable quotes from the kids? 
Jon: "I wish Mr. Jonathan was my dad so I could do fun stuff all the time."

"Jonny is a longtime JA volunteer who is passionate about service and growing JA programs. His commitment to San Diego's youth is always made evident through his efforts to inspire them." -- Flora Barron, education manager in Central San Diego.

Inspired to volunteer with Junior Achievement? We'd love for you to join us! Check out all volunteer opportunities in San Diego here.

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