Junior Achievement and San Diego Unified School District Announce New Historic Partnership to Impact 7,000 Students this Year


This month, JA of SD launched a new and exciting partnership with San Diego Unified School District to impact 7,000 students this year. The collaboration brings every 10th grader in the District to Mission Fed JA Finance Park to teach them how to plan for career and financial success.

To celebrate the news, JA hosted a press conference. The media event featured special guests, Superintendent Cindy Marten, and board members from San Diego Unified School District, and some remarkable 10th grade students from Kearny High.

"Our partnership with Junior Achievement is about so much more than simply helping our students achieve financial literacy, said Superintendent Cindy Marten, San Diego Unified School District. “Together, we are unlocking the genius in every student and helping each girl and boy discover what career path may one day match her or his skills, interests and abilities. I’m confident the lessons our students learn through Junior Achievement in the 10th grade will benefit them for a lifetime.”

The program helps students decide what happens after high school as they plan for education, career and financial success. When students come to the Park, they receive a “life situation” and income based upon a real San Diego job they choose in the classroom. Students must then apply for a home loan, purchase a car, shop for groceries, make investments, save for the future, all while balancing a monthly budget.

"It was kind of eye-opening. This program makes me grateful for my mom," said Devon Jones, a sophomore at Kearny High. "I realized how hard it is to pay all the bills." At the end of the day, students connect what they are learning in school to the real world of adult responsibilities.

"I always thought I would move out as soon as I turned 18,” said Jennifer Garcia, 15. “I don’t think that’s going to happen.” During her stint in the personal finance program, Garcia got a job as human resource manager with a $76,000 annual salary. Her domestic status is married with one child.

“One of the biggest surprises? San Diego is expensive,” she said. “At the end of the the day I spent too much money on clothes I didn’t need and had no savings.”

“We built Finance Park to prepare students for what happens after high school. When young adults learn how to manage personal finances, explore various career paths and plan for their future, they will reach their full potential and dream for a brighter future,” said Marla Black, President and CEO at Junior Achievement of San Diego County.

In case you missed it, JA was featured in the following media outlets:

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JA is  proud of the life-lessons our students are learning at the Park. Please help us achieve our goal to be the first in California to get an "A" in financial literacy education. Get involved today by sponsoring a student today. It only takes $50 to bring JA's financial literacy programs to 1 student! GIVE NOW!

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