Love Is ....JA!

As we rush to find that perfect card, orders flowers, buy heart-box chocolates, or make sure our children have enough Valentine’s to take to school, we somehow forget that sometimes what means the most to others is sharing our TIME.  At Junior Achievement giving your time can mean changing a students’ life. On this Valentine’s Day this is what Love Is to the 55,000 K-12th grade children we will impact this year:

Love Is… having a volunteer visit their classroom opening their eyes to the world of possibilities

Love Is… understanding the importance of staying in school

Love Is… learning about careers through a job shadow experience

Love Is… having the knowledge to make ethical decisions in the workplace and in life Love Is… learning what it means to be financially responsible

Love Is… sponsoring a JA student and giving them the opportunity to benefit from a JA program

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Kristi Zimsky

Kristi Zimsky

PR and Social Media Manager