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Almost every excellent educator can recall the moment they knew they would teach for a living. There is something magical about the first teaching experience and moments that propel a person into the role of educator. For Tamlyn McKean, that moment came in a classroom as a Junior Achievement volunteer.

Tamlyn was a professional in the business world, working as an investment representative, a project coordinator and even as a flight attendant, all while donating her time to Junior Achievement as a classroom volunteer. It was those magical moments in the classroom as a JA volunteer that propelled Tamlyn toward a career as a school teacher.

Tamlyn had found her calling via her JA experience and has been loving her teaching life ever since. She was a 7th grade teacher for 7 years and has taught for 5 years as a 2nd grade teacher at Palmer Way Elementary in National City. She has spearheaded the JA Days at her school for the past 8 years.

Working with Tamlyn has been a pleasure. Her spirit and energy are evident as soon as you enter her classroom. She commands the class with her teacher voice, yet makes every student feel special and valued with her body language, eye contact and attention.

Because Tamlyn is a second career teacher, she is able to insert her experiences into her curriculum and pulls from her days as a JA volunteer to motivate and inspire her students.

Before every JA Day, Tamlyn addresses the volunteers with a warning. She warns them that their experience can be an addictive one, that the energy they will feel can be invigorating, and to not be surprised if they find their calling in the classroom.

Tamlyn began as an outstanding JA volunteer. Now, she's an outstanding JA teacher and cheerleader for what Junior Achievement has to offer to the San Diego students. 

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