Millennials Avoid Budgets This Holiday Season


According to a new survey of teens and millennials ages 14-29 by JA and Ypulse, 87 percent said they plan to buy holiday gifts this year.

Only 51 percent of those who plan to do the shopping noted they have a budget. Inspired by the holiday spirit and no spending ceiling, 49 percent of them risk to fall into the rabbit hole of financial illiteracy. 

Healthy personal finance habits today help the youth avoid serious financial pitfalls in the future. 

The dream of a nice house or car dies quickly if the money habits break the wallet. Fortunately, we can help our young generation avoid that void.

Internet is an abundant resource for numerous tips on how to stay organized in a financial arena. Here are some tips shared by our experts here at JA. We hope the teens and millennials in your life will find these useful: 

Avoid the Holiday Shopping Hangover

Managing Your Money--The Lifelong Lesson

Financial Literacy Web Portal for Kids and Parents

What advice helped you manage your money better? 

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