Navy Takes on a Challenge: Elementary School

When the Navy is called to action, they respond with honor and service. In true naval fashion, naval service members from the Center for Information Dominance Learning Site San Diego (CID San Diego) responded valiantly to a call for volunteers in foreign territory they had yet to tread: an elementary school.

Last Friday, twenty naval volunteers taught financial literacy, workforce readiness and entrepreneurship lessons to elementary and middle school students at Arroyo Vista Charter School in Chula Vista during our JA Day classroom program.

Though the volunteers were seasoned in delivering information to adults, they found the experience of teaching children enlightening and a challenge worth tackling. CID San Diego regularly teaches and trains fellow Navy personnel, but they realized that teaching children was quite different and even learned strategies that would help them in their own duties as teachers and trainers.

Thanks to the coordinating efforts of CTR1 Nicole Duran, CID volunteers delivered lessons to children from 2nd through 8th grades. They taught them success skills to help them understand how their society works, and how they participate in a global economy.

Naval volunteers had a great time and offered to volunteer for Junior Achievement again, citing a great experience that made them feel good about volunteering with an organization that values education.

As for students at Arroyo Vista, they were thrilled to have Navy volunteers bring their personal experiences and expertise to their classrooms. In fact, many students expressed their interest in persuing careers in the Navy when they "grow up."

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Valerie Hash

Valerie Hash

Implementation Manager, Mission Fed JA Finance Park