President Obama Welcomes San Diego Entrepreneur to the White House

CCA Today's CEO Rachel Gorgas (second from right) is welcomed at the White House for National Entrepreneurship Month. Her team beat out hundreds during the national JA Company Program competition. 


President Barack Obama started National Entrepreneurship Month by issuing a proclamation, calling for America to "revisit our roots as a country of dreamers and doers" and to "celebrate and support the next generation of American entrepreneurs."

The President welcomed student winners from - the JA Company of the Year -including CCA Today's CEO Rachel Gormas. Rachel and her team created an interactive app to help connect students at their large school campus Canyon Crest Academy located in Carmel Valley.

"Junior Achievement has played a key and instrumental role to all my team's entrepreneurial success. I was honored to represent my teammates and Junior Achievement at the White House and meet the President of the United States, something I never dreamed possible before Junior Achievement, said CCA Today's CEO Rachel Gorgas. "Thanks to JA, I feel even more confident and motivated to work towards my goals in the global economy."

CCA Today’s product, which is compatible with all smart phones, serves as a recreational, campus-wide application designed to enlighten students with information about events, schedules, news, and more. The teen company hopes the new technology will encourage students to feel a part of their school and improve their experience at CCA.

The annual JA Company of the Year Competition is a contest of business skills, ingenuity and innovation that focuses on the accomplishments of U.S. JA Company Program*. Nearly 13,000 U.S. students, ages 15-19, created 700 start-up companies during the 2014-2015 school year. JA Company Program gives teens the skills to start and run their own businesses under he mentorship of a local business volunteer.

The JA Company Program, a hallmark of JA dating back to 1919, lets students start and manage their own business. By organizing and operating an actual business enterprise, students not only experience how business functions, but also learn financial responsibly, work-readiness skills and entrepreneurship.

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