Students Compete at The Next Big Thing: Entrepreneurs Showcase 2013

JA Company Program
is one of the most exciting programs we have.

During the program, the students create a product or service and start a real business. By the end, they are seasoned to compete for first, second and third places as well as marketing, finance and creativity awards at our The Next Big Thing: Entrepreneurs Showcase

This year on May 16, the competition was fierce between nine teams. They showcased their products and services to the judges and hoped their pitch got them into the top three. 

Check out this photo timeline to see companies and their products.

Our program for the evening...

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This is our MC for the night a.k.a. JA Company Program Alumnus 2012 Andre Hosseinpour. He is the founder of Place-Mate, the company who won first place last year at our competition and went to nationals for the NYSE: Best Financial Performace Award. His business is still going!


And here are the companies we had...

"Undercover" -- secret wallets and file folder with a nostalgic feel made from old books. They won our Ingenuity Award for the most creative product!


"Tied Together" -- ties made from recycled ties and fabrics.


"Potsibilities" -- pots with Day of the Dead designs.


"P.A.C.T." -- color-changing iPhone cases.


"Active Youth Sports" -- sports clinic for elementary school students. They took 3rd place AND won The Best Showcase Award!


"Beyond, Inc." -- clothing line clothing line promoting unity and self-value. They took 2nd place!


"Turn-Up" -- hand-sanitizer pen.


"Get it Here Spirit Gear" -- school spirit-wear including sticker tattoos for football games. They won The Best Profit-Margin Award!


"Re-Boxed" -- eco-friendly shadowboxes hand-crafted and made to order in two different sizes. They are our 1st place winners! And... the company is going to the national competition in Washington D.C. this June. Congratulations!

Imagine: you are 16-17 years old and you get to open up your own business. What can be more exciting? 

Stay tuned for more info on the national competition as Re-Boxed goes for the national win. 

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POSTED MAY 22,2013