T. Rowe Price & JA Launch Web Portal for Kids and Parents

According to research, 73 percent of parents think they have regular conversations about money with their kids. However, only 34 percent of kids agree. How could we fix this disconnect? 

Most kids (75 percent) think an online game or mobile app would help them as they learn about saving and spending.

To make financial education easy and fun for the “high-tech” generation, JA and T. Rowe Price Foundation have developed this interactive web portal

The portal provides resources such as blog posts, quizzes and games that teach kids how to invest in their futures.

The students as young as 8 years old can start the education process—even on their own. They can browse crossword puzzles, word searches and play games such as The Great Piggy Bank Adventure® .

The Great Piggy Bank Adventure—an online game and mobile app created in collaboration with T. Rowe Price and Walt Disney Imagineering—challenges the kids to set goals, save and spend wisely, stay ahead of inflation and diversify the assets.

Today's children will likely need more than $1 million for retirement. Yet only 21 percent believe they will get it by investing in stocks and bonds. Almost as many (24 percent) believe it would be easier to achieve it by becoming famous—the perception our portal aims to combat.  

We are excited to bring this accessible tool to you and your kids!
Visit to start your journey to financial literacy.


What do you think of the portal? We look forward to your feedback.

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