Thank You, Volunteers!

Thirty-five volunteers and JA staff gathered on an early Thursday morning to celebrate the relentless support of our rockin' in-class and JA BizTown volunteers.

We invited them for a heartwarming breakfast and chat at JA BizTown to honor and thank them for everything they do for us.

Our board member and a JA advocate Ahmed Abbas of Sempra Energy shared his experience as a JA Company Program student back in Ohio and a middle school JA volunteer. Clearly, he loves JA! (Stay tuned for his blog coming up in February.)

One of our laureates Mel Katz lighted up the room with his fun wit. He thanked our volunteers on behalf of all Junior Achievement laureates for their donated time.

Our wonderful education team awarded selective volunteers with some fun awards.

At the end, our volunteers made us laugh and cry with their precious stories about the kids they encountered, and how they changed them. So inspiring.

Fun and good spirit filled the room. 


Thank you, volunteers. You are truly the heart of JA!

P.S. Have YOU volunteered with JA yet? Check out various ways to get involved.  

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