Thanks to JA BizTown, My Daughter Wants to be a Doctor

Ashlyn's excitement was building more and more each day as the JA BizTown visit came closer and closer--she was thrilled that she would be "Doctor No.1 at Kaiser."

On the day of the field trip, she made sure she packed her play medical kit and was ready for her busy day at the office. The expression on her face from just walking through the doors into her "hospital" was beyond what words can describe. She had a great time giving all her patients their daily physicals and making her diagnosis. She was able to go home with me and couldn't stop talking the whole way home about the fun and learning she had that day.

When we got home she couldn't wait to tell her older sister all about "biz town" (to be honest I couldn't wait either, I had just as much fun as she did). After Ashlyn told her all about answering the phone, giving physicals, getting paychecks and writing checks, I was able to tell Aryanna (older sister) about the other great things Junior Achievement has to offer. She got online and was upset to know the JA Finance Park isn't going to be complete before she graduates.

I thought this was a great day that would become a memory, but...  it continues every day with each commercial we see for Kaiser or every building we drive by that says Kaiser.

Your program made such an impact on Ashlyn with building her self-esteem and drive to become a "real doctor" some day. When she sees anything that has Kaiser's name or logo, she tells everyone in the vicinity that she worked there as "Doctor No.1" and about her duties as a doctor and that she filled in for the CEO when one was out. 

When at home, she takes her doctors kit out and gives everyone--including the dog--a physical every weekend. The poor dog must think he is at the vet all the time! She uses a notepad to write prescriptions, fills those with jelly beans or raisins. She insists one day she is really going to work at Kaiser!

When I was volunteering at JA BizTown the other day, Ashlyn was upset to know that I went there a second time, and she didn't get to attend!

I would now like to take this opportunity to say thank you for allowing me to volunteer with my daughter's class. The programs like yours give kids like Ashlyn the little boost of encouragement to go after things they may think are beyond their reach. I look forward to volunteering again.  

- Wendy Edwards

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Wendy Edwards, JA Volunteer and a mother of JA BizTown graduate.