Volunteer at Mission Fed JA Finance Park

Today’s young people need a strong foundation for making intelligent, lifelong, personal financial decisions. As a volunteer with Mission Fed JA Finance Park, you will help students navigate the world of personal finances as they assume the role of an "adult for the day."

We have l volunteer opportunity for you this week:

Friday, May 20

9:00 A.M. – 1:30 P.M.

Mission Fed JA Finance Park

4756 Mission Gorge Place

San Diego, CA 92120

Volunteers are needed to mentor small groups of students throughout their day at JA Finance Park.


When students come to the Park, they receive a “life situation” and income based upon a real San Diego job they chose in the classroom. Students then have to create a monthly budget and pay for the needs and wants of their avatar family. They have to buy a home, purchase a car, shop for groceries, make investments and save for the future. Students will also have the opportunity to visit our on-site career center to explore real-life job opportunities in San Diego. 

Professional financial experience preferred, but your real-life career experience is just as valuable. Training is provided for all volunteers!

If you are interested please call or email Valerie Hash at 619.906.4916

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Kristi Zimsky

Kristi Zimsky

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POSTED MAY 18,2016