Your Budget-Friendly Fourth of July

Do you plan to host a party this Fourth of July? It doesn't have to break your bank. Let me share with you some budget-friendly ideas that might help you get a bang for your buck and have a fun holiday. 

  • Hit the dollar store. Need decorations? Plates? Cups? Paper towels? Make the dollar store your first shopping destination. I, myself, am a decor junkie, and the dollar store is the place "to get my decor on" before Halloween, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas. They even have themed cups, trays and plates. Who doesn't love that?
  • Cook it yourself. Buying prepped macaroni salad or coleslaw might not seems like an investment, but all of those side dishes add up. It's always cheaper and healthier to cook them yourself. Plus, you always know it's fresh. 
  • Shop local and in-season. You have options. Fact: in-season produce is always less expensive. Now that it's summer, the abundance of fruits and vegetables makes it cheap to get your favorite produce for your Fourth of July recipes. Check out your local farmers' markets. They have great deals on fruits, veggies, poultry and meats. Better yet, find out if you have a local family farm in your area that sells from its location (can't get any cheaper than that).
  • BYOB. There might be many guests. Don't stock up on every spirit in the world to have variety. Ask your guests to bring their own favorite beverage. To accompany those who fail to, BevMo or a sales rack in your favorite grocery store are great options. 
  • Just go with a potluck. Set a limit of $10 (or less) to spend on the dish/beverage each of the guest brings, and you got yourself a less stressful and cheapest gathering possible. 

Are you planning something different or special this Fourth of July? Do you have other tips to share? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

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