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Junior Achievement and Ten80 Bring STEM Event to San Diego High School Students next Thursday

February 20, 2014

Students to collaborate, create and compete in STEM challenges

Next Thursday, Feb. 27 from 9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m., nearly 500 students and educators will gather for the Ten80 STEM Expo at Scottish Rite Center to raise awareness of the relevance of STEM to every student. Junior Achievement of San Diego County partnered with Ten80 Education to bring the National STEM League to San Diego.

The Ten80 National STEM League is a science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) initiative that inspires students to engage in sustained learning, a collaborative network and competition adopted by schools in 37 states. The league allows students to own their businesses that specialize in racing, robotic exploration, energy technologies or innovations that emerge through the combination of hardware and software.

At the event, students will collaborate and compete with other schools in San Diego. They will benefit from Junior Achievement’s approach of entrepreneurial thinking and more than 10 years of development from Ten80’s engineer-educators.

The 10 sponsored schools will join the national initiative that is attracting a broad and diverse audience to STEM learning. The program’s high ratings from Change the Equation* ensure the youth are prepared to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Like today’s professional motorsports teams, San Diego students’ mental, emotional and physical strengths will be put to the test on Feb. 27. The kids will work in teams to create and compete in project categories that include racing, engineering design and fabrication, computer-driven innovation, and sustainable transportation through renewable energies.

During the expo, teams will earn points for the 2014-2015 academic year. In May 2015, the winners will travel to Charlotte, N.C., to compete with teams from 36 other states in the National STEM League Finals.

To view a complete list of Ten80 events and Junior Achievement programs, please visit at and

The event is open to all educators, parents and mentors interested in learning about STEM and about the National STEM League. Email Ten80 Education at for more information.

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Ten80 Education is a network of STEM professionals and educators whose mission is to cultivate STEM literacy and skills among youth with the same rigor, passion and investment that we do for sports. Through its National STEM League (NSL), Ten80 expands the number of students inspired to engage in STEM learning because it is relevant to their lives and provides content and support to channel that inspiration into real academic and emotional success in their chosen fields. Through the NSL, a practice league for future professionals, students collaborate, create and compete by owning a team or business specializing in race engineering, rover exploration, the future of energy or hardware-meets-software innovation. Classrooms, camps and clubs in 37 states partner with Ten80’s team through the NSL.