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Financial Literacy for Parents: Part 1

Your child had their Junior Achievement program. Now what? You may be wondering how you can continue to help your child or teen learn important money skills outside of the classroom. Read More

APRIL 25, 2014

JA Alum Shares His Life's Journey

Sitting on a bench at Klein High School as a freshman, a very close friend of mine Jack mentioned that he's going to join the Junior Achievement afterschool program. At that point I said, “Okay, I’ll try it, too.” Read More

APRIL 22, 2014

JA Volunteer Goes Above and Beyond for Her Community

Carmen's commitment to the advancement of her community is unsurpassed. In the past 2 years that she's been a Junior Achievement volunteer, she has volunteered in 13 classrooms! Read More

APRIL 22, 2014

JA Alum Remembers His Experience 40 Years Later

In 1970, Clint Bruce was a teenager in Tulsa, Okla., when he decided to check out the JA Company Program. Read More

APRIL 17, 2014

3 Steps to Becoming More Productive in Your Everyday Life

Do you find yourself wishing you had more hours in a day? Our Board Member Nilay Thakkar the steps that could help you stay organized with your time and get things done. Read More

APRIL 16, 2014