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My JA Experience as an Alumnus, Volunteer and Board Member

Ahmed Abbas has been involved with JA for years. He shared his unforgettable experiences with you in his first blog. Read More

SEPTEMBER 12, 2013

AT&T Pioneers Bring on Their Game to Play 4 JA

AT&T Pioneers teamed up for a fun Play 4 JA at Microsoft store to fundraise for JA. Read More


HP Opens Its Doors to Clairemont High School Students

On the morning of August 7, these lucky students--the members of the HP Social Innovation Relay--paid a visit to Hewlett-Packard's San Diego division. Read More

AUGUST 28, 2013

Turn Excitement into Action--Lead a Fundraising Event

Here's my JA story and some tips on how to hold a fundraising event for the organization you are passionate about. Read More

AUGUST 21, 2013

Back to School or Why I am a JA Volunteer

I know, I know. People tell me, "Don't volunteer at school if your life is so busy and crazy." However, that is the one thing I will never cut out of my busy and crazy life. Read More

AUGUST 14, 2013