Current Teachers

Hello Educators! 

Thank you for your dedication to the students of San Diego County. You are an essential part of delivering our mission to todays youth and empowering them to take responsibility for their professional and educational futures!

Important Teacher Milestones for BizTown

 6- 8 Weeks Prior to BizTown Visit

  • Program Agreement due 90 Days prior to BizTown Visit 
  • New Teachers* RSVP for Scheduled Teacher Trainings
  • Schedule date & time to pick up BizTown Materials
  • Arrange Bus Transportation on Simulation day
  • Invoice will be sent 60 days prior to BizTown Visit
  • Visit Educator Portal for important annual updates and necessary materials 

4-5 Weeks Prior to BizTown Visit

  • Introduce JA BizTown to Students and Begin Teaching the Classroom Curriculum 
  • Begin Volunteer Recruitment 
  • Payment is due 30 days prior to BizTown Visit

2-3 Weeks Prior to BizTown Visit

  • Continue BizTown Curriculum and Volunteer Recruitment 

1 Week prior to BizTown Visit

  • Confirm and assign volunteers, email final Volunteer Assignment Sheet
  • Send Volunteer Reminders, Registration Form Link, and Orientation Video for BizTown Volunteers
  • Receive Parent Consent Forms 
  • Complete Curriculum and BizTown Preparations 
  • Review Teacher's Visit Preparation Checklist for items to bring on BiZTown Visit

Day of BizTown Visit

  • Be prepared for morning traffic and have transportation drop students off in the church parking lot where a BizTown associate will meet you
  • Have a great, interactive simulation with your students! 

Please email for any questions regarding your visit

For General BizTown Questions, Comments, & Concerns, Invoices & Payments:

Deanne Markle | McGrath Family JA BizTown Manager 
Direct 619.906.4905 | Office 619.682.5155 ext. 105 | Fax 619.682.5159 |

For Questions Regarding BizTown Materials, Teacher Trainings, Volunteers, and Students:

Claire Maunsell | JA BizTown Administrative Coordinator
Direct 619.906.4914 | Office 619.682.5155 ext. 114 | Fax