Give your students an experience that will impact their future educational and professional choices! 

Imagine the fifth grade students ar your school managing and operating their own city of businesses, banks, a city hall and foundation. 

Several citizens rush past you to the bank to deposit their paychecks and opening a savings account on thier break, so that they can visit the local shops and spend money. As you peer into several of the businesses, some employees are sitting down together in a circle holding a business meeting to discuss the status of their loan, others are working intensively on the computer, paying bills and making deposits for their business.  There are Police Officers stationed by the stairs, ticketing any passerbys not following the rules, and several groups of citizens jump and dance sporadically outside their businesses, holding posters to advertise the retail items one may purchase and the sales that are currently happening.  


  • This is only a snapshot of what the JA BizTown program has to offer your students, and the impact that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. 
  • Each year, we reach approximately 15,000 fifth grade students from over 160 elementary schools across San Diego county, and that is all because 500-600 teachers such as yourself commit to participating in the program and providing this unique opportunity to their students. 

Program Testimonials 

If you would like more information in regards to how your school can be a part of this impactful experience, please contact:

Deanne Markle | McGrath Family JA BizTown Manager
Direct 619.906.4905 | Office 619.682.5155 ext. 105 | Fax 619.682.5159 | dmarkle@jasandiego.org

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