JA Finance Park

Mission Fed JA Finance Park

Mission Fed JA Finance Park is a paperless, high-tech learning center that helps students imagine their future. Our program helps thousands of San Diego teens, young adults and families learn how to make intelligent financial decisions that will last a lifetime. The program includes in-class curriculum and a one-day experience at Mission Fed JA Finance Park.

In the Park students are given a virtual adult life where they will research San Diego cost living, create a family budget and pay bills based on their unique scenario. Special to our JA Finance Park location, all jobs, salaries, and living costs are aligned with San Diego averages.  

Established in 2003, JA Finance Park is one of Junior Achievement’s most successful programs with more than 1 million students across the United States have participated in the hands-on program since it first began.  For more information, on how you can get involved please see below:

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For more information contact Laura Bagheri at 619-906-4928 or lbagheri@jasandiego.org.